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I am Eva and I work as a freelance double bassist and violone player. I specialized in historically informed performance practise on period instruments for music from the Baroque period up to the late romantic era.
The groups I perform with are mostly early music ensembles such as the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Bremer Barockorchester, Música Temprana and de Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht. 
On the modern double bass, I love playing modern and contemporary music.

Concerts 2019/2020


February 13 | Bremer Barockorchester
with Dorothee Oberlinger
Telemann, Vivaldi, Marcello.
20:00, Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen (DE)

February 28 | Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
tba, Gut Saathain, (DE)

March 8 | Bremer Barockorchester
J.S. Bach – B minor Mass
tba, Bremen (DE)

March 15 | Bremer Barockorchester
G. Ph. Telemann – Der Tag des Gerichts
18:00, Bremen (DE)

March 22 | Bremer Barockorchester
J.S. Bach – St. Matthew Passion
tba, Bremerhaven (DE)

March 29 | Main Barockorchester
J.S. Bach – St. John’s Passion
tba, St. Gallus Flörsheim am Main (DE) 

April 8 | Cappella Maria Barbara
J.S. Bach – St. Matthew Passion
tba, Huizen (NL)

May 29 | Orquestra Vigo 430 with Isabel Rubio
H. Berlioz – Harold in Italy; F. Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto.
20:00, Auditorio Martín Códax, Vigo (SP)

May 30 | Orquestra Vigo 430 with Isabel Rubio
H. Berlioz – Harold in Italy; F. Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto.
20:00, Círculo de las Artes, Lugo (SP)

August 23 | DUO Kirsti & Eva
Modern and less modern music for violin and double bass.
tba, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam (NL)

September 19 | L’arpa Festante
W. A. Mozart – Dixit Dominus
L. v. Beethoven – Mass in C
J. Haydn – Te Deum
19:30, Dom, Speyer (DE)

September 20 | L’arpa Festante
L. v. Beethoven – Symphonies 2, 4 and 7.
17:00, Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Speyer (DE)


January 25 & 26| Orquestra Barroca Vigo with Pedro Castro.
A. Marcello – oboe concerto,
G. Ph. Telemann – Overtüre for flute,
J.S. Bach – cantatas 84 & 202, with Magna Ferreira
20:00, Círculo de las Artes, Lugo
19:00, Auditorio Martín Códax, Vigo (SP)

January 12 | Ensemble La Favorita
Italians in Vienna: Melancholy vs. virtuosic firework,
as part of Kasteelconcerten
15:00, Kasteel Doddendael, (NL)

December 24| Utrecht Company of Music
Christmas service with choir music by Haendel and others.
Nicolaikerk, Utrecht (NL)

December 22 | Bremer Barockorchester
J.S. Bach – Weihnachtsoratorium
15:30 and 18:00, Banter Kirche, Wilhelmshaven (DE)

December 14 – 15 | Bremer Barockorchester
J.S. Bach – Weihnachtsoratorium cantata I, III, VI.
18:00, Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen (DE)

December 8 | Bremer Barockorchester
C.Ph.E Bach – Magnificat; J.S. Bach – Orchestral Suite in D
18:00, Christuskirche, Bremerhaven (DE)

November 24 & 30 | Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
-private concert-
Bornem (BE)

November 17| Duo Kirsti and Eva
Modern and less modern music for violin and double bass
16:00, Het Muzieklokaal, Utrecht (NL)

November 7 – 8 | Música Temprana
Latin American music from the baroque period, as part of the show Backer in Action.
20:00, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam (NL)

October 11 – 26 | Die besseren Wälder
Music theatre for 13+ on the book by Martin Baltscheit
19:30, Theater Pfütze, Nuremberg (DE)

October 5| Utrecht Company of Music
Music by Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Mendelssohn and others.
20:00, Dyonisiuskerk, Rijssen (NL)

September 22 | Bremer Barockorchester
Haendel – Messiah
19:00, Neumünster (DE)

September 16 | The New Dutch Academy
JET SET! Classical Glitterati – CD presentation
20:15, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (NL)

September 7 | Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Gluck – Orfeo
Enescu Festival
22:30, Romanian Athanaeum, Bucharest (RO)

September 6 | Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Gluck – Iphigénie en Tauride,
Enescu Festival
22:30, Romanian Athanaeum, Bucharest (RO)

August 26 | Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
Utrecht Early Music Festival – Fringe
14:00, Geertekerk, Utrecht (NL)

July 21 | De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht
Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Brahms and Bruch.
Kadeconcert, Utrecht (NL)

July 19 & 20 | De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht
Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Brahms and Bruch.
Wonderfeel Festival, ‘s-Graveland (NL)

June 23 – 29 | Die besseren Wälder
Music theatre for 13+ on the book by Martin Baltscheit
10:00, 18:00, 20:00, Kulturforum, Fürth (DE)

May 23| Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht
F. Schubert – Symfonie “Unfinished”
20:30, Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden (NL)

April 19 |Concerto Lübeck
D. Buxtehude – Membra Jesu Nostri
Vicelinkirche, Neumünster (DE)

April 6, 15 & 16| Ars Musica Orkest
J.S. Bach – St. Matthew Passion
Klundert, Zeist, Oudewater (NL)

March 23| with Felix Justin
Modern and less modern music for piano and double bass
18:00, Rotterdam (private concert) (NL)

March 16 – 17| Kamerkoor Poco Piu
Various pieces by H. Purcell
20:00, Kapel onder de bogen, Groesbeek (NL)

March 10| Bremer Barockorchester
G. A. Homilius – Markuspassion
19:00, St. Andreaskirche, Bremen (DE)

March 8| Bremer Barockorchester
“Music for the Kings” with violinist François Fernandez
20:00, Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen (DE)

March 1 – 3| Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Opera “Agreed” by Howard Moody
19:00, Glyndebourne opera house, Lewes (UK)

January 24 | Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
Early classical and galant style by C. Ph. E. Bach, W. A. Mozart and J. A. Hasse
19:00, Bürgerhaus, Bad Liebenwerda (DE)

December 30 | Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester
Opera arias and instrumental music from J. Stamitz, W.A. Mozart and J.C. Bach
19:00, Hofgut Kieselberg, Gaildorf (DE)

December 15 – 19 | Música Temprana
Christmas Vespers by José de Orejón y Aparicio
20:00, Martinikerk, Sneek
19:30, Martinikerk, Groningen
20:00, Amsterdam (NL)

December 9| Bremer Barock Orchester
Händel – Messiah
18:00, Christuskirche, Bremerhaven (DE)

December 6| Barbara Bess & Wilde verwandte Produktionen
aufbäumen – eine performatieve Installation
tanz.tausch festival
20:00, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne (DE)


I studied historical bass with Margaret Urquhart and received my Master’s degree in historical bass and violone in June 2018. In the same year, I started performing with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment as part of their Experience Scheme, which has resulted in regular performances with them as a substitute player. Other early music ensembles I play with are the Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, Música Temprana and the Bremer Barockorchester.

I was born (1988) and raised in Amsterdam and started violin lessons at the age of 6. I  had the privilege to attend a high school one block away from the Concertgebouw so I regularly attended concerts there as a teenager. My interest in the double bass started in my youth orchestra and at the age of 16, I switched from the first violins to the basses, where I felt much more in the right place. Nevertheless, I thought a musical career wouldn’t suit me since I was also interested in social and political studies, so I decided to study law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I was very lucky to meet Ying Lai Green, bassist from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, with whom I had lessons for 4 years. Thanks to her support and encouragement, I not only got accepted for double bass studies but I also finished my bachelor’s degree in law.

During my studies in classical double bass with Quirijn van Regteren Altena (Utrecht Conservatory), I have received amazing lessons in historically informed performance practice from cellist Viola de Hoog, violinist Antoinette Lohmann and bassist and gambist Joshua Cheatham.  I love the combination of delivering strong emotional expressions and intellectual, historical knowledge. 

Next, to my growing career as a historical bassist, I love performing repertoire from the 20th and 21st century as well.  In the last two years, I received masterclasses from world-class bassists such as Joel Quarrington, Jeff Bradetich and Edicson Ruiz. Together with violinist Kirsti Apajalathi, I made and performed a duo program called ‘Baroque Violin Meets Double Bass’,  in which we focus on 20th-century repertoire for violin and double bass.

I am also a member of two young early music ensembles:
Ensemble La Favorita, which made a kick start in summer 2017 in the early music festivals in Brugge, Utrecht Fringe and IYAP Antwerp.
Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester, with which we recently won the Hofkapelle Preis for 2019 in the International ‘Gebrüder Graun’ Competition in Germany.

The modern double bass I play is a Gagliano model built by Harry Jansen in 2008, borrowed from the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation. Thanks to a donation from the Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument, I could purchase a double bass from around 1890 to use for historical performances. In addition to these basses, I use several bows to have a different kind of sound for the different kinds of repertoire I play. Some of them are copies of original bows from the baroque and classical era.

Media and links

DUO Kirsti & Eva
Reinhold Glière – Suite op. 39, Prelude.

Next to our careers in the early music field, Kirsti and I share a love for modern and contemporary chamber music. This is our first video.

Recorded 31.08.2019 in Shelley’s beautiful place in Rotterdam.

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Marin Alsop, conductor

Vaughan Williams – Variations on a theme by Thomas Tallis
Brahms – Ein Deutsches Requiem

One of the most memorable concerts I played during my time in the OAE Experience Scheme.

http:// https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00013xd

Performed 11.11.2018 in the Royal Festival Hall, London.
Broadcasted by the BBC on 12.11.2018

Bremer Barockorchester

Georg Daniel Speer –
Musikalisch-Türckischer Eulenspiegel.

Recorded 29.05.2018 in the “Unser Lieben Frauen Church” Bremen.

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Night Shift concert on 10.04.2018 at Conway Hall, London

W. A. Mozart – Horn concerto no. 1 – Rondo, with soloist Roger Montgomery

Double bass Quartet with James Oesi, Cody Takacs, Arjen Leendertz and myself.

M. Nyman – Knowing the Ropes

Arranged and recorded for VPRO Vrije Geluiden.

Ensemble La Favorita
Georg von Reutter – Sinfonia from La Betulia Liberata

Ensemble La Favorita

Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds

Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument

Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester